Annenberg Learner Course: Neuroscience And The Classroom

News Date: 
September 2011

Exciting developments in the field of neuroscience are leading to a new understanding of how the brain works that is beginning to transform teaching in the classroom. 

Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections brings together leading neuroscience researchers* and educators in a dialog about how insights into brain function can be harnessed by teachers for use in their own classrooms to address their own particular challenges.  Course components include 41 video segments, an online text with multiple sidebars, interactive simulations of neuroscience research tools, and a course guide for teachers to use all the materials for sustained professional development. The course materials will be available at in late September 2011.
*Note: A lead course developer is Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang. She is an assistant professor of education at the Rossier School of Education, an assistant professor of psychology at the Brain and Creativity Institute, and a member of the neuroscience graduate program faculty at the University of Southern California.