Gregory Annenberg Weingarten

Vice President and Director

Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, a Vice President and Director of the Annenberg Foundation, is dedicated to supporting innovative projects in the arts, education, and humanitarian efforts through GRoW Annenberg Foundation TM.


Gregory's efforts to create a vibrant partnership between France and America have earned him several honors.  In 2012, he was appointed to France’s prestigious Legion of Honor.  In 2009, he received the distinction of Grand Mécène et de Grand Donateur de la Culture (Grand Patron and Grand Donor of Culture); and in 2007, he earned the title of Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters).  Gregory’s wife Regina, a partner in his philanthropy, has also received the Legion of Honor award.


Gregory graduated from Stanford with a degree in Political Science. He later worked as a journalist at the Times of London, before embarking on a career as an artist. He currently shows his work in the United States and France. Along with his wife and philanthropic partner Regina, Gregory is active in the lives of his two children and, through them, is helping shape the next generation of philanthropy.