Created and led by Foundation Vice President and Director Charles Annenberg Weingarten, explore is a multimedia organization that documents nonprofits around the world and extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore.org creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. 

Explore’s growing library consists of more than 250 original films and 30,000 photographs from around the world.  explore showcases its work at film festivals, on over 100 public broadcast and cable channels, and on numerous online destinations including explore.org, Snag Films, Hulu and TakePart. explore's works feature a wide range of topics—from animal rights, poverty and health and human services to the environment, education and spirituality. Delivered in short, digestible bites, explore films appeal to viewers of all ages, from children learning about other cultures for the first time to adults looking for a fresh perspective on the world around them.   

Fulfilling the Annenberg Foundation's mission—to advance public well being through improved communication—explore.org uses the power of the Internet, images, music, dialogue and the written word to connect extraordinary people, ideas, communities and cultures.

  • One of explore’s ongoing projects, Dog Bless You, gathers more than a quarter million people online while providing service dogs to U.S. veterans in need.

  • As part of explore’s Pearls of the Planet project, explore and Polar Bears International set up a live HD camera video feed of the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Canada.  The live video was streamed worldwide and gave viewers rare access to this endangered species.

  • The relocation and rebuilding of Marsh Fork Elementary School in West Virginia is under way so that the children of this mining community will no longer be threatened by the harmful effects of coal plant activities.

  • Explore continues fact-finding missions around the globe.